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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
If deals made under a CBA is considered good faith, how could they suddenly turn into price fixing? Unless the league was making deals or talking business during the lockout, how would price fixing be applied?
Owners are not willing to pay "make whole" those existing contracts, so there is no good faith basis argument that applies here.

Signing one deal, and then wanting to pay a lower amount is the definition of price fixing by breaching a contracts terms. Without a CBA in place there would be no means of overriding the terms of a previous completed deal by the Owners. The expired CBA is the only means by which the Owners are currently hiding behind, allowing a lockout and shielding them from antitrust, and other legal legislation for withholding salaries and demanding discounts on current deals in place.

Antitrust penalties and fines in courts could become very costly in addition to being forced Judge Judy style to honour what already exists.

The mere threat of accusing baseball owners of anti-competitive behaviour or unfair business practice paved the way for Fehr's legendary reputation in baseball, and is the sole reason why baseball remains without a salary cap today. Fehr would look for the courts to expedite the process, and in the blink of the eye we could be looking at a level of animosity we've never seen before. The 2004-05 labour fight we watched will pale in comparison to the Armageddon we'll see if this is the path Fehr chooses next.

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