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11-22-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
See previous post. Even if you expand the time frame back to 1993-94 (two years before Alfredsson started and the first season scoring started to really drop off), Alfredsson still looks good.

As for Tkachuk, I think most people think he'd be a HHOFer if he wasn't so terrible in the playoffs. His regular season resume would be good enough if it weren't for the rest.
All you're doing is shifting the target range that a player needed to have his best years. Yes, he's had the third most points since he, himself, came into the league. But not every player is on Alfredsson's time table. He has 4 more points than Thornton. He's six-and-a-half years older. 9 more points than Iginla; Alfredsson is four-and-a-half years older. 67 points ahead of Sakic since 1995-96; Sakic is missing a giant chunk of his career. Same with Recchi, same with Sundin, same with Modano, etc.

It's a bad way to evaluate players. It's the same thing with all of that Best Player of the Decade stuff that everyone is so fascinated with. You can't expect to get a fair list when you compare 10 or 20 years of someone's career to the beginning 5 or 10 or the latter 5 or 10 of another's career.

I mean, who does Alfredsson get fairly compared against in a 1995-96 to 2011-12 sample? Do you know how many players have actually played a full 40-game season every year of that sample?

1 Daniel Alfredsson 1996 2012 OTT NHL 16
2 Jason Arnott 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
3 Radek Dvorak 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
4 Roman Hamrlik 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
5 Ed Jovanovski 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
6 Nicklas Lidstrom 1996 2012 DET NHL 16
7 Sean O'Donnell 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
8 Brian Rolston 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16
9 Ryan Smyth 1996 2012 TOT NHL 16

Everyone else is at an automatic disadvantage when you look specifically at the career range of one specific player. Look and see how many HOF forwards you can count within 200 GP of Alfredsson who don't have more points, great seasons prior to 1995-96, or more years left in their career to finalize such an argument.

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