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11-22-2012, 05:01 PM
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In 1994 I didn't care much about hockey as I was in 2nd year of mechanical engineering at university. The original Jets were still around and I think I would see maybe one game a year.

In 2004, the signs were very obvious that players were being a stupid amount of money by a few teams to the detriment of the league. A fix was needed, and if it cost a whole season, so be it. I think I had Centre Ice on the dish, but I never watched that much hockey.

In 2012, I don't get it. Owners got the system they wanted 7 years prior, and the PA had to hire the ****** that is Fehr to lead them. Now they are talking about adjusting the slice of the pie and fiddly contracting issues. Of course the boneheaded owners went on a ridiculous spending spree in the summer or 2012, so the players that signed the contract are within their right to be expecting the contracts that they signed to be honoured. For the owners to be expecting to take a significant slice off of it is ridiculous.

So, F them all. Centre Ice is cancelled and will not be renewed any time soon. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy any NHL merchandise, tickets, and they get another penny of my money. Will I still watch, probably, but it will be whatever TSN, Sportsnet or CBC is showing for 'free'.

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