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11-22-2012, 06:11 PM
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Wayyyyyyyyy too many close minded people here. Good god. That's right. I need my ego stroked. So glad you could take time out of your busy day to do that. Jeeze...

Looking past the fact that RNH is in the NHL already and Gally hasn't yet, based purely off potential of each player, who would you rather have? Many argued Gally could've been the 1st overall pick last season had he not been injured. Where would you gauge his production to RNH's in their best seasons?

If you are going to come in here and insinuate that this poll is fishing for compliments or ego stroking *******, please just don't answer. Its unconstructive and very belittling to someone who is actually taking an interest in this discussion. The more and more I see of Gally, the more and more I can see where some fans might say the gap isn't as big as some make it out to be. Not saying I still wouldn't take Nuge cause I love him haha.

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