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11-22-2012, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
I don't condone threats and sure, maybe having his integrity questioned is over the top. However, what Hamrlik said was very serious. All the union has is solidarity and Hamrlik undermined that. He hurt every other player in the union with his comments and I'm sure many in the union took personal offense to those comments.
Maybe they did, and yes maybe Hamrlik put the current committee in a bad position, except they are supposed to be representing all players, not just the ones that agree with them. If they let the process go up to having some players start questioning what they did, and having to blast or threaten them it's because they're not doing the job they're supposed to be doing and at this point asking for a vote is perfectly legitimate.

Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
It is like a political party member voting against the party. Whatever his personal intentions, he's going to draw the ire of the rest of the party and likely find himself out of that party before long.
No no and no. That's an horrible analogy. I invite you to use , consult the voting results of recent bills and you'll find many examples of MPs voting against their party without causing any ruckus. This is a democracy, we're not fascists (not yet at least).

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