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11-22-2012, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
Trying to look at it from Neuvirth's perspective...

Some of the NHL's proposed contractual changes probably don't have significant impacts on guys in the "Hamrlik/Neuvirth" ballpark. Things like cutting off length at 5-years, for example, probably don't mean much to a non-star player who has probably never signed a deal longer than 2 or 3 years. Only stars (in most cases) get those long contracts.

Some of the non-star players are also not as well suited to a long work stoppage, because they haven't made as much money as some of the stars have. Guys like Crosby pull in $8m+ a year, but there are more than a few players making sub-$1m per season that probably won't be as happy to wait out a long work stoppage.

I'm not saying Neuvirth is right about everything he said, but there is definitely room for some players to be discomfitted with the negotiations, just as there is for ownership groups who would rather a deal get done faster as well.
These players who decide to play in the NHL know they are signing on to be in a union and occasionally there will be labour strife, if they don't want to deal with it, go play somewhere else. But if you do sign on with a union you accept the fact you could strike, you could get locked out and you could lose wages. If there were no union they wouldn't likely be making the wage they make as it is.

Some of these *******s should have had a good understanding of what was ahead and should have been better prepared for it instead of whining and selling their union brothers out because they lost a couple paychecks. Even if they make under $1m a year, thats more than enough to live very comfortably on, and enough that they should be able to have a nest egg saved for occasions like, a lot of the time a union will have a "Strike fund" set aside for workers who need help. The whining and snivelling serves nobody.

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