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[PS3] GMC - Winteriscoming - Season 3, 10 teams open. List in last post!

This is an existing league, we have reached the trade deadline of the first season. commissioner has left and I have taken over. Old thread is at: Here


-Schedule is set to 2 weeks, we advance on Mondays at midnight est.
- Human vs Human only, games will auto sim when schedule advances.
- Do not play/trade with computer controlled teams.
- Post if you are going to be inactive for a extended period of time, unexplained absences will be grounds for removal.
- Check your messages when you get online and please respond to all messages, even if you can't play. It keeps people from waiting.
- All skill levels accepted, play fair this is a casual league.

We have a facebook group, extremely active in trade talks, game scheduling. Please ask to be invited. [F] Denotes facebook user

New Jersey Devils - g-men08osi [F]
New York Islanders - stevis17 [F]
New York Rangers- Reserve
Philadelphia Flyers - OPEN
Pittsburgh Penguins - Gurj2012 [F]

Boston Bruins - OPEN
Buffalo Sabres - xEvolution87 [F]
Montreal Canadiens - Yummytreesap [F]
Ottawa Senators - Mbilodeau97 [F]
Toronto Maple Leafs - OPEN

Carolina Hurricanes - OPEN
Florida Panthers - OPEN
Tampa Bay Lightning - OPEN
Washington Capitals-PeDrO-0003 [F]
Winnipeg Jets - bilodeau29 [F]

Chicago Blackhawks - Musicsim2 [F]
Columbus Blue Jackets - higgins212121 [F]
Detroit Red Wings - OPEN
Nashville Predators - OPEN
Louis Blues - JUST1NCRED1BLExx [F]

Calgary Flames - Agentzzz7 [F]
Colorado Avalanche - laxrat45 [F]
Edmonton Oilers - Reserve
Minnesota Wild - OPEN
Vancouver Canucks-Koojo [F]

Anaheim Ducks - douglast5 [F] [C]
Dallas Stars - Bigggs88 [F]
Los Angeles Kings - J-Bears6 [F]
Phoenix Coyotes - OPEN
San Jose Sharks -Justice_X [F]

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