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11-22-2012, 06:13 PM
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They overdid the Troy/Abed stuff at times, and the back end of the third season went completely off the wall, but I was okay with it. They thought they were getting cancelled for sure and just went, "**** it". I wouldn't want it to become the norm , though.

What I didn't like was Troy and Britta making googly eyes at one another all damn season. I felt like this show should have been above that sort of teenagey crap.

I would agree that the show bowing out after these 13 episodes is probably for the best. While all shows that go beyond their shelf-life are painful to watch, I really think one that often delves into the eccentric like Community would be an excruciating train wreck if it hung around too long. Now that a principle cast member is walking out, it seems the time is right to go out on a high (well, hopefully on a high).

Besides, they've been doing this one season taking place over one year thing, so what are they going to do? Have them attending community college for 6-7 years? Coming back as teachers? Ugh, gross.

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