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11-22-2012, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Kreiders Underwear View Post
I need some advice. So I applied to Penn State way back in early September. They have rolling admission (first come, first serve). Two girls from my school got accepted the other day and they both told me that they applied mid-October. I've yet to hear back. I check my online application status everyday and for the last month, it's been "under review" and a "decision will be posted as soon as one is made".

What the ****? Whether I get in or not, I deserve to have my answer by now if two girls from my school who applied a month later than me, already heard back from them.

Now my question is, should I call them and ask what the dealio is? Does calling them show a large interest in the school, or does it show more of an impatience and hurt my chances?
I don't think they'll think of it as impatience. Many people who apply have a "whatever" attitude in life and just let things happen to them. if anything it's initiative which is excellent. Don't get too caught up about application order and who got in and applied when. Call and check out the situation if that's something people often do. If people don't normally call and check up on these things, then take it easy and wait a little longer.

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