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11-22-2012, 06:20 PM
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First of all... happy thanksgiving to everyone.

Would be better if I could watch an NHL game but ... it is what it is.

We now have a PA offer so we have a better idea about the gaps that need to be closed. It's a start. The games for the 1st half of DEC should be cancelled soon but I'm still optimistic for a late Dec start.

The PA played their PR card (coming up with their plan) hoping to take a bit of pressure off themselves and it might work. I am a bit confused as to who will make the next move? My guess is that the two sides will meet over the weekend. My fear is that if neither side is willing to put forward a courageous stance we will incrementally move towards a compromise. The problem... it will take much longer to reach a settlement and the entire season will be cancelled if it takes too long. If nothing much materializes soon (2-3 weeks), I suspect that the league will come to the players with a final offer with no negotiations acceptable. It will then be up to the PA to either accept the deal or find work elsewhere for the season. I hope it doesn't come to that as no one benefits.

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