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11-22-2012, 06:19 PM
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In Bob McKenzie's new article he discusses the decertification issue:


3. Decertification.

It's already the word-du-jour, and for good reason.

On pretty much every NHLPA conference call with the players in past weeks, there's been some discussion on the potential of decertification as an NHLPA strategic tool. But on each of those calls, the emphasis always turned towards negotiating a settlement with the NHL and decertification was shelved.

Until last night's conference call, that is. For the first time, when decertification was brought up, there was no stated objective to it. A number of NHL players who might have otherwise have raised an objection or concern to it didn't because they said the climate on the call, after the NHL rejected what the players thought was a significant proposal, was too hot to talk of moderation.

After last night's player call, it is fair to say that NHLPA executive director Don Fehr has the mandate or green light to go down the decertification road. That doesn't necessarily mean decertification is imminent or that the actual process is underway, but multiple sources say it is unquestionably on the next page of the NHLPA playbook and that is a viable option that may soon become reality.

First, the NHLPA must petition for the mere opportunity to decertify. A petition signed by one-third of the NHLPA is required to launch the process. If that petition is successfully executed, decertification could go to a membership vote, with simple majority rules.

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