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11-22-2012, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
Really? I looked at this roster and thought wow this team looks old for once lol that sounds weird for a U20 team but obviously I mean a lot of 19 year olds. Last year there was like 13 kids that were under 19 (I could go look it up but I'm lazy as **** today)

Andrew Brummitt is definitely someone I wanna see now, he wasn't on your radar and you're my source of Brit info, especially goalers

He looks like he has some size, always makes me happy when I see a Brit goalie making a national team and he's not 5'9". I always wanted to be a goalie but I knew I'd never be 6'0"+ so I stuck to D my logic was flawed
Well, by underagers I mean 17 year olds who are still eligible for U18's. But I guess that shows how strong our U18's will be this year.

I forgot about Brummitt because I didn't think he was even playing this season, there were no stats for him until recently. It looks like he's backed up at Hull with no minutes played, and has now moved back to Chelmsford which is strange because I'm 90% sure he was in university in Hull, and he won't get much playing time there behind the 2 other guys they have who are both solid #1's at that level.

He was always one of those guys stuck at the wrong club behind better goalies. I last saw him play in the 10-11 season for the Chieftains and he was certainly capable of playing at that level even as a U18. If I had known more about his whereabouts this season I wouldn't have forgotten and he would have definitely been one of my picks, in fact I remember being extremely puzzled 2 years ago as to why he wasn't picked for the U18's.

And yeah, he's a fairly big guy.

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