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11-22-2012, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
so you really don't know a thing about him but you felt like commenting anyway.

as was said before me, gomes is considered one of the better clubhouse guys in baseball and put up an .868 ops in the 99 games he played. signing him without breaking the bank is something that smart teams do.
He's a platoon player who never lived up to expectations from his rookie year and he just got 10M over two years.

I appreciate the bargain-seeking mindset, but you're cherry-picking stats with his OPS from last year.

As for his clubhouse status, you don't seem to have any firsthand information, so you're being disagreeable for the sake of it. I admitted in my post that it was irrational. Gomes was "that guy" who, as a fan of teams opposing his, it was so easy to hate for years. It's a bit jarring that he ended up with the Sox, that's all.

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