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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
forgive my lack of knowledge, but who the hell are Zagradinskiy and Bryukvin?? Never seen them play.

wings5, why do YOU think European hockey community has such a negative view on Europeans developing in CHL? I'm talking nearly everyone- coaches, commentators, experts, ex-players and fans? Are you even aware of the perception towards CHL/AHL in Europe and the extent of the concern there?

If CHL were some golden goose or some factory for DEVELOPING European hockey players, I would understand. But the fact is, it's just not! It's mostly a theater where Europeans come to play to get drafted. CHL's #1 task is developing Canadian talent in their own, unique approach, which is mass hockey. And there is nothing wrong with that- for Canada.
Exactly you don't even know who they are. Believe me I am well aware of this mindset and I fully agree with it, elite Russian players should develop in Russia to complete their development. But the obscure ones who come over and no one knows them whats the harm? It won't deeply affect your system. Keep Tolchinsky, Barbashev, Kucherov, Dikushin type prospects at home but the lesser ones there is no harm at all. That is all I'm saying, as well as the defenceman and goaltenders can develop well here if they come over.

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