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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
You can't seriously believe the NHLPA and sports unions represent the struggle other unions are facing right now. If anything the wages and quality of life of professional athletes is directly related to the labour-crushing, finance-centric policies of late capitalism that took off since the 80s.

For an alleged expert at these things, Fehr should have known Bettman had no problem calling a lockout. If the players care about anyone else why did they wait so long to start negotiating?
Et Le But,

It has already been proven that the owners were planning a lockout regardless of how the union reacted. A fan on the Bruins board pointed out that the TD garden (in Boston) was rented out to the Romney presidential campaign. Obviously, Jeremy Jacobs had no intention of ever telling his friend Mitt Romney "I need my arena back".

This means that they had no intention of starting a season before mid November at the earliest. Probably later. I'll be satisfied with a 48 game season though, it should be sufficient for a Habs development / evaluation / tanking / transition year.


On your first point, I agree. Popularity in bread and circuses is at an all time high: rising obesity rates everywhere, and record revenues every year for the NFL, for Hollywood, etc much faster than the general rate of growth or inflation.

With that said there is a lot of similarity in people's attitudes. People want wealth to be transferred from the players to the owners in the same way that some wanted "overpaid" teachers in Wisconsin to make less money, so that "job creators" can get tax cuts. The attitudes are quite similar. There's more similarity in the attitudes than the dynamics in my opinion.

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