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11-22-2012, 07:30 PM
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Been to 4 UFCs..

UFC 71.. Rampage vs Liddell. Huge event at the time. Chuck was on the cover of ESPN the magazine and things were just starting to blow up. I've been to dozens of sporting events and when Chuck went down it was the quietest I've ever heard any building. Pretty surreal main event, and was a pretty cool moment. Also at the event was the Houston Alexander demolishing of Keith Jardine, which was a pretty insane fight to watch. I'm sure everyone has seen the fight by now, but the build up to the fight was pretty cool because Jardine was talking a ton of trash about the "no-name" Alexander. A lot of quick fights at this card, so overall it was a fun time.

UFN Seattle, Nog v Davis. A couple people have commented on this one already. An unusually deep UFN card made for a fun night of fights. The main and co-main were pretty boring, but the card had the Korean Zombie's FOTY twister finish, and also another awesome Johnny Hendricks KO.

UFC 131 in Vancouver, Dos Santos v Carwin. Again, another card that people have been to so I won't go into much detail. Not a great card, and overall probably the least fun UFC I've been to IMO.

UFC 132 in Vegas.. hit up back to back UFC's for Cruz v Faber. Another very deep card which featured a ton of crazy KO's (Leben/Wanderlei, Condit/Kim, Guillard/Roller, Dos Anjos/Sotoripolous) and overall a good fight card. It also featured the best moment I've been at a UFC for, which was Tito's crazy upset of Bader. Just an insane aura in the building after that happened, which continued a very fun night. Great atmosphere in the building, tons of fighters walking around, and celebrities left and right.

Overall I enjoy the UFC's in Vegas more than anything. As I've mentioned in other threads, the venues are basically made for fights and you can tell as soon as you are in there. Plus, it's always a great atmosphere.

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