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11-22-2012, 08:29 PM
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My kid takes about 2/3 nosedives per skate, a must. Though he's 3 and a couple months.

Update, pushing around one of those walkers has really been a turning point for kiddo. I make sure he keeps his hands on it, not lean on it with body. The big difference being he has to PUSH with his skates to make it move. Before he had good balance but was just walking on his skates.

The weight of the walker means that he has to use the blades of his skates to push around the weight of the walker. Now he's actually pushing and starting to glide.

And I don't know if I'm planting the seeds for a future Scott Stevens, but I made it a game for him to bump me ith the walker and then I take a pretend tumble. It gets him laughing and wanting to chase me. Which is a good indicator he's having fun.

Thanks again to tarheel who made the long list of things todo. It's helped make a big difference with a kid that got frustrated with skating and didn't wanna do it.

He also got a sweet Nugent-Hopkins jersey out of the deal.

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