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11-22-2012, 08:51 PM
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Okay, career its Trottier hands down and until Crosby can play the game without being so accident prone or just play the game in general without shining Donald Fehr's shoes in the process I am afraid it will always be Trottier.

That being said at their best it is a good case. Let's not forget a Trottier in 1979 or 1980 either. It is arguable that he is the most important Islander on that dynasty. He was less flashy than people of his time and especially Crosby, but he also has that distinction of being named the most "complete player to ever play the game". I am sure people on HFboards have heard that expression directed at Trottier before. It isn't all that far off. Personally I give it to Gordie Howe, but Trottier could score, pass, play defense, hit like a ton of bricks, lead, win and score clutch goals. He didn't really have a weakness in his game. Crosby can get thrown off his game (2012 playoffs) but could Trottier? He was more composed.

I can say one thing, if you put a prime Trottier in the NHL right now there would be a ton of "Trottier vs. Crosby" threads and neither side would really be wrong.

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