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1. Wayne Gretzky- I've flirted with Bobby Orr at #1 in the past but I think, ultimately, if you pick anyone else besides 99, you end up arguing why you didn't pick him. That tells you something.

2. Bobby Orr

3. Gordie Howe- The more I educate myself on the subject of Mr. Hockey, the more he goes up in my estimation. The most complete player of all-time who was also a dominant offensive force for 20+ years. Just staggering.

4. Mario Lemieux

5. Maurice Richard- I notice him low on some lists, but he's a solid five in my book. Yeah, yeah, he didn't win an Art Ross but you read any of his teammates' biographies (and they pretty much all wrote one) and who do they say was the guy that always came up big for them in the playoffs? Rocket. And that was on teams loaded with Hall-of-Famers, racking up ridiculous Cup runs.

5. Doug Harvey- The next three get tough for me, and bounce around a bit. But right now, I've got Harvey at sixth. I think his all-around game, longevity, and playoff resume are second-to-none. Jean Beliveau said that every gameplan in Montreal ran through Harvey. And that was on the most dominant dynasty ever.

6. Jean Bealiveau

7. Bobby Hull

8. Eddie Shore

9. Mark Messier

10. Martin Brodeur- Every other great goalie was a flake or inconsistent in some way or another. Honestly, if you could start a team with any goalie who ever played. . . how do you not go with the guy who guarantees you 20 years of 30 wins, 10 shutouts and a handful of Vezinas and Cups? Hasek, Roy, Sawchuk and Plante all had a handful of controversial events during their careers, and never came off as particularily good teammates.

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