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Originally Posted by dennilfloss View Post
I just checked the top scorers and our top scorer, Jakob Silfverberg, currently sits at #124 in the league... on page friggin' seven. I expected at least one Senator in the top forty.

Where is our offence? It might be simply spread out evenly but where are our offensive stars? No one is sticking out and taking charge. Is it because we have a young, inexperienced team? Is it because we have an inexperienced coach? Is it the system in play? Are we playing very defense-first like the parent team did under Jacques Martin? Doesn't appear so from the games I've watched but we do seem very disorganized. Is it because there hasn't been enough time yet for the players to adapt to the system? Is it because many of our forwards have to adapt to North-American sized ice? A combo of all this?

It's not supposed to be for lack of talent but the execution seriously doesn't yield the offensive results expected so far. I know it's early in the season but, with no NHL, I need something...

Yes, I'm an old-school run and gun fan who would prefer to see our teams win 8-7 rather than 3-2, and therefore behind the times.
I was going to answer your question but you have all the answers in the your own post... That's not fair!

Quick summary :

- Luke Richardson : 1st ever gig as a head coach
- PP sucks
- Cowen and Da Costa injured
- Youngest team in the AHL : lot of pro inexperience
- Zibanejad and Silfverberg still adjusting to the NA game/ice
- Lack of chemistry : too many new players playing together for the 1st time
- Too much talent spread...
There's about 9-10 guys who could have a decent production, but realistically they won't have all 50 pts and more (example : Jessiman will be a victim of the depht. He had 27 goals and 44 pts in 67 games last year)

PS : Team played a bit less games than others... Offense is very spread out, currently at 2.64 goals per game (which is more than the NHL average), will improve as we move forward

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