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11-22-2012, 10:29 PM
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Where does the money go is my question. Pharmaceuticals i.e. short to medium term "solutions", which is good but doesn't look for a root cause and is more about treatment, or research and prevention, which is where the real focus should be, where the money should go. Getting to the root of the problem. I remember shortly after Wendy Mesley recovered from her breast cancer she did a fantastic (albeit damning) multi-piece report on cancer research and all the funding/money, where it goes, how it gets distributed, the scientists, doctors employed by the big companies... Made me skeptical of continuing to donate... I do still, just out of good faith but I wonder sometimes. My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 06 (chemo right during the big playoff run), after all her own reading an research, she thinks CIBC run for the cure for instance, is almost a complete sham.

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