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11-22-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
How do unions treat scabs?

Cole bullying Hamrlik for having an opinion.

If the NHL as threatening to black ball players that didn't support them you might have a case.

Using leverage is automatically bullying. These aren't feeble 3rd world factory workers who's families will starve in a lockout.

These are powerful well off people, capable of hiring million dollar+ lawyers, having a heated discussion on equal terms. The owners are withholding pay until they get a deal they want, the players are withholding labour by not signing until they get a deal can accept.

Both sides are just playing hardball.
In what way did Cole "bully" Hamrlik?

Calling him selfish? Hamrlik admitted he was.

I'd say what Hamrlik did was worse and then his catty little statement about his signing bonus and his agent shows the owners exactly what they want to see.

Hamrlik comes off like an idiot here, especially with his response today...the guy who has made $59m going around his brethren that fought for his ability to make that money (especially his contract he signed post 2004 lockout with MTL) shows his integrity.

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