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11-23-2012, 12:35 AM
Good luck, Kimmo.
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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
Meh, he's a Vick, McNabb, Jason Campbell like players. I feel like once teams get enough video on him teams will be able to shut him down.
I think you're underselling him. Will extra film help solve him? Sure. But in his first season he's going to outpace all of Donovan's stats he accumulated his first year. This could be partly due to it being a much more pass friendly league since 5's debut, but from what I've seen of Griffin he's much more effective so far in his rookie season than Donovan was at his. Just look at one of the most critical stats: Completion %. Griffin is completing over 2/3 of all his passes so far. Donovan started out at 58% and throughout his career didn't stray too much from that mark and ended up as a career 59% passer with his best year only being 64%. If Donovan didn't stray too far, who's to say Griffin won't?

Plus, who's to say the Eagles are going to upgrade enough in the next year or two in terms of both coaching and personnel for it to be enough to stop him?

I think what I'm getting at right now at the heart here is that Washington will be much more a contender now, and no longer the NFC East doormat.

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