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11-23-2012, 12:11 AM
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Maybe I'll take a little flak for saying this (stereotyping) but I think Whitney speaks his mind a lot and shoots from the hip and doesn't sugar-coat his thoughts much and I think at least to some degree it has to do with his American upbringing.

He's not as reserved and polite and "PC" as most Canadian hockey players... and I think that's a good thing to give some differing perspectives and personality to the team.

Everyone of course has their own personality and quirks and sometimes people should think a bit more before they speak, especially when in the public eye when they know every word and quote will be dissected endlessly... but personally I have no problems with Whitney's attitude or approach to the game of hockey.

I'm hoping he can heal up and can play at least at 80% of where he was at shortly after he joined the Oilers... because that would be a huge help on the back end and with a "semi"-healthy Whitney, an improving Petry and hopefully a promising debut from J Schultz... suddenly the glaring weaknesses and deficiencies on defense would be much less noticeable... and might just turn to an area of strength before long.

This long layoff hopefully will be beneficial for him as I assume he's working out and recovering fully from his surgery. By the time the NHL starts again we should at least then be able to see if he has most of his mobility back again... or whether he will no longer be able to play productively enough to be a decent asset going forward. It would be a hell of a lot easier for the Oilers and give them a lot more options if he could make a close to full recovery. Without him I think the Oilers will be relying on Justin Schultz to be their blue line savior and that's too much pressure on him no matter how good he appears to be.

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