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11-23-2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Bozak's best has paled in comparison to Connolly's best. There is no reason to believe that will change anytime soon. Being younger doesn't equate to better, especially for a team in Vancouver's position.

Gillis and co. have made it known Jordan Schroeder is a serious candidate for the role of 3rd line centre. They wouldn't do so if the coaching staff was unwilling to ice a skilled player on that line. There has been an offensive player at 3C for 3 of the last 4 years - 2 with Wellwood, 1 with Hodgson and 1 with Malhotra...

Not to mention, Malhotra could still fill the same role he did in '10-11 with Connolly on the 3rd line. It would just make the 4th line the shutdown line. I would take 3 offensive lines and a shutdown line over 2 offensive lines, a shutdown line and a grinding, no offense line every day of the week.

Bozak will never garner Tim Connolly money. He's just an inferior player.
So you are counting the year we sheltered Hodgson, then shipped him out? To bring in another defensive center? You know one of the biggest differences with Hodgson and Shroeder? One plays very well on both sides of the puck. Otherwise Shroeder had also put up a better ppg average. So he is a looking to be the better player, but we will see if this translates to the NHL.

I am going off what Gillis has asked for Bozak, was one of the main pieces, personally I would like to try Shroeder, at the 3C, but not only has Gillis asked for him, he also tried to get him earlier n his career.

Again Connelly might put up better numbers, but what good is that when the guy is always on IR? Plus he costs more money, meaning to retain the asset it will cost us more to re-sign him.

Being younger equates to being in this case cheaper, more able to learn, more room to grow, greater potential. We know what we are getting in Connelly, an oft injured player, who is also expensive.

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