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11-23-2012, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Easy. No cap, the players got much more. This isn't something that's up for debate either, it's a historical fact.

If the top tier players are worth THAT much (and they are, compared to your 4th line Biznasty (also, I'm glad to note that no one lumps Parros into that same bracket, because he's SMRT and not a dumbass goon like Bissonnette is) then your Moreau types will make 100k and RNH will get Katz's jet to romp around in, if Daryl can keep him.

Bottom line, I actually sort of hope all the pro-owner types see decertification. I can't wait to see RNH centering Hall and Eberle on the Flyers or Rangers. Because we all know our native son Daryl just can't make it work here, it's too hard, and very sad...and he needs 500M of your money.

Don't worry though, the Jason Krog types will be falling all over themselves to sign in Edmonton. You'll be paying more than you do now for tickets, of course, but you'll also eat it up and beg for more.

You're also wrong about darts. Send Phil Taylor and Taylor Hall on a world tour together and see who gets recognized more. Also, you are aware that darts players, the top end ones, broke away and started their own professional organization, right?
Nope. Before the last lockout my interest in the Oilers and the NHL was waning. Being a life long fan of the Oilers it is impossible to watch a team you love have no hope of winning. It's heart wrenching to watch Doug Weight lead the oilers to 10 straight wins and then get traded because you can't afford him. Sure, the oil beating Dallas and Colorado those 2 years was fun but the entire time it was known the clock would inevitably strike midnight.

Given parity, I believe oil fans have been rejuevenated if it's taken away now look out. A sold out rexall paying top dollar for last place hockey can only be explained if they're selling hope. If this decertification results in the Oilers losing Hall, Eberle, and Nuge do you think rexall will be sold out next December watching last place hockey? You might as well put Expos jerseys on whoever is left on the Oilers because baby its curtains.

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