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11-23-2012, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Connolly is coming off a poor season but he's still a guy that has averaged 63P/82G over the last 6 years. Connolly, not unlike Tanguay when the Flames signed him coming off a bad year could be a good gamble to take. The last 2 years for Connolly haven't been his best but he was close to a PPG centre the 4 previous years, in injury shortened seasons.

You have to look at what type of minutes our 3rd line centre will see when determining who is of more use, Connolly or Bozak. Kesler being on the 1st PP unit means we need our 3rd line centre to carry the 2nd PP unit - this is a role Connolly has filled in the past, one in which Bozak just can't. The Canucks also have Kesler, Lapierre and Malhotra to utilize in defensive situations - they don't need the 3rd line to play shutdown minutes and would be better served using that trio to help chip in offense IMO - another area Connolly would likely be more reliable than Bozak.

It's just no comparison for me between these 2. One of them has the ability to play like an impact player, the other just doesn't. Slightly more risk with Connolly, much more reward.

Interesting. Why do you suppose TO doesn't just deal off Bozak then and replace him with Connolly at 1C? Or that in the same environments, Bozak has already fared much better?

I'm also curious why Bozak "just can't" play on the 2nd PP unit and contribute? Is he atrocious on the PP?

Bozak is what he is. I'm not a fan. However, I think I'm even less of a fan of Connolly. Could have something to do with that 4.75m contract... BUF let him walk after he put up 42 in 68 games, and they were hurting at C. I wonder why?

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