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11-23-2012, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Most likely it's not.
Try plugging in another player from that team, that has a lower R-on than R-off and I think the numbers are going to all whacky in a hurry.
Actually, that appears to be a confirmed solution, with almost no change even if Orr and Espo played together almost exclusively at ES:

Orr & Espo = 2.353-2.371
Orr, no Espo = 2.047-2.063
Espo, no Orr = 1.190-1.199
no Orr, no Espo = 1.036-1.044

This is based on these additional paramters:

(O&E)/(O-E) = (E-O)/(-O-E) = 1.61/1.40
(O&E)/(E-O) = (O-E)/(-O-E) = 2.18/1.10

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