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11-23-2012, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by mightyquack View Post
You mean, England isn't the center of the footballing universe?
It probably is, to be fair.

I'm not sure about Pep. He'll have plenty of places to choose from. I don't see him chasing money over everything, personally. I think he'll look at the club and its aspirations as well as the city. Chelsea would make a logical fit given those considerations, but their approach to dealing with coaches should indeed be a major turn-down for him. I could see him on either Milano club, although with them, the focus would be on the city and the clubs' history. One remaining option could be Munich, actually, as Heynckes' contract runs out, and he may call it a career. He'd have a great city, a team that can play a big role nationally as well as internationally, and a group of very stable superiors. With this option, it would mainly depend on how he views the Bundesliga as a league.

Even with the given turn-down, I can actually still picture him more easily with Chelsea than with every other single option. I could see him extending his time off, until a scenario pops up that he likes better, as well.

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