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11-23-2012, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by CanucksSayEh View Post
Took a clapper point blank to the foot last night. **** that ****, goalies on his own from now on.
That's just the nature of the game. Not sure if you tried to block the shot or if your foot was in the way?

I want to add that I don't try to "block", but I don't shy away from a shot either. I stand right up to the shooter and make him/her blast it through me. Surprising how many puck graze off the stick and pads. Again I don't dive, crouch, use my foot, anything to actively block a shot, but my thought is you have to stand up because turning or jumping out the way could be more harmful. Also it seems like the code of the game to not be afraid of getting in the way...I guess you want to at least look like you're not scared to block it!

May be there's a choice to block or not if you have time to see the shot developing? Sometimes it seems the shot happens so quick you just have to stay square.

I hope my post is not adding confusion to the subject...

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