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11-23-2012, 08:02 AM
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Oh man. My soccer season is getting ****ed! My plan all along was to run both camps early. I left out enough starters to remain competitive. Then Ivan Hricek, one of my three starting dmen who I left out of camp for this specific purpose, got injured for 9 days. And now Colby Paquet picks up a red card in the game yesterday (lost 0-4). He's out for two games. That leaves me with one Dman and a bunch of scrub prospects who weren't good enough for camp!

I sure could use Matt Hernandez right now

Maybe I can buy a decent geezer for a few bucks...

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Thanks for the info on SDs and TCs. Re: Runnyonion, I'm not normally easily offended but what he wrote just rubbed me wrong. Especially considering all the time and effort put in. It gave me the vibe he was pissed a Canadian was running the US support team. <Rolls Eyes> You want the keys go nuts. I got more than enough on my plate man.
It was he buggy subs news where he whined. I'd ask how old he is, but These types of games seem to make a lot of normally sensible people into little babies.

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I swear they changed it so good players are more likely pulled at the end of the season...
You must just be talking about hockey. I pulled a four star player last night in soccer Unfortunately I forgot to put my youth training SDs in there so he only has 364 OR. And he's 5/6. That sucks. He might have been great. 19th AQ in US I.1.

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