Thread: Injury Report: Jonas Brodin and Mikael Granlund
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11-23-2012, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hirawl View Post
It was not. Might have been a charge and even that's a bit questionable. Mainly it was playing tough with some unfortunate results due to unfortunate little details that lead to it. Namely Brodin having to chase the puck that wasn't really his to chase, because his defensive partner had lost his stick. That same partner apparently screened Brodin's vision so that he could only realize Hall was coming after it was too late.

Only thing Brodin could have done and hopefully will do in the future, is prepare himself for the hit. I mean at least take the knowledge from it that, yes, people WILL hit you.
You completely neglect the fact that Hall took 5-6 strides to hit Brodin. Blatant charge. Not questionable.

Its hard to see in this screen cap. But the space between his arm and his body. Yea, that would be leading with the elbow. That was moment of impact.

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