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11-23-2012, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by nowhereman View Post
Avery organized media scrums to publicly humiliate his ex-girlfriend with sexist comments, swore at fans, and slandered teammates with racial slurs.

Crosby complains to refs and embellishes the odd call.

Not even remotely close...

Me thinks you'd be Crosby's biggest fan, if he played for your team. I'll assume this is the sour grapes talking.
First of all congrats on being the first person ever to use sour grapes correctly. I was about to roll my eyes but then realized that was actual correct usage. Second, of course I'd love him on my team. Just as I'd hate Avery if he was on another team. I don't know what that proves. Crosby is also a **** talker. That Voracek incident had my respect for him go down from zero to to a negative. He has no respect for his fellow players. Call me crazy but that pissed me off more than a stupid "sloppy seconds" comment. Granted Avery was on my team, so that could cloud my judgement.

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