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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
Meh, he's a Vick, McNabb, Jason Campbell like players. I feel like once teams get enough video on him teams will be able to shut him down.
Vick is and always has been an athlete masquerading as a quarterback. He can't read defenses well, and he struggles when forced to operate in a typical pro offense.

Campbell has never been very good, and never showed RGIII's potential--but even if he had, he was basically a pocket quarterback. He was mobile enough, sure, but he was never a scrambler, let alone an elite one.

McNabb was a truer duel-threat quarterback. He had flaws, to be sure, but he performed at a high level for the better part of a decade.

Of the three, RGIII seems closest to McNabb--with superior tools and athleticism. If he manages to develop McNabb's decision-making, he'll be an elite player. If not, he'll likely be limited to an the role of ticket-selling machine, with limited on-field results. I guess that's sort of like Vick, but he gets there in a very different way, I think.

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