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Originally Posted by CroHabitant View Post
Milan was in KHL talks before Medvescak.

And never less senior players in our (short) hockey history, while NT regressing. EBEL has very little in common with Croatian hockey. Sooner or later Medvescak will run out of the money and become bottom feeder in EBEL and that will lead to lower interest and they gonna eventually be kicked out of the league, which is primarly Austrian one. If that happens, and we stay out of KHL, hockey in Croatia will suffer long and painful death. From being 12th most attended team in Europe hockey in Croatia, or should I say croatian hockey, doesn't have much...
I did not say Medvescak inspired Milan, I said that KHL inspired Milan to grow.
Both Medvescak and Milan, as well as others, are being told they can enter the KHL if they build their team up.

Could not disagree with you more on Medvescak's future.
Where in the world are your supporting evidence to show Medvescak is losing money?
There are an incredibly intelligent organization that has done nothing but wonders in the last 5 years, they have not shown ONE sign of going down hill from what I have been watching...

In the last 5 years I have seen nothing but immense growth for the club.
- Champions of Slovenian league
- Enter EBEL (where the team can gain real competition and support)
- Make EBEL playoffs first year, 2nd year and 3rd year
- Lose first years in playoffs to eventual champions, beat them 3rd time around and make it to the semi finals after a successful regular season
- The team went from being off the map to being the #12 popular team in EUROPE!
- Team makes some great European signings for the 4th year... have an outdoor game
- Outdoor game at the Roman Ampitheatre in Pula is still talked about today, both games inspired KHL to have further interest in the club, the simple idea of the game has brought in new sponsors and new fans... the game has put the team on the map in hockey.
- Though its only a 3rd line NHL player... They were able to sign Dustin Jeffrey for the time being
- The team currently ranks #1 in the EBEL standings

Their sponsor and relationship with UNICEF has grown in the last 2 years. Since 2 years ago... they corp sponsors have doubled including the likes of companies like American Express.

Even before the pula game, Medvescak was able to enter the news over here in America and Canada... New York Times wrote an article about the teams success and popularity in a country unheard of in the world of hockey. NHL has had several articles on the team. And many more

They didnt even have to use much money on Dustin Jeffrey as their sponsors was more than happy to bring him in for them. They may even have room for one more player but for now the team is #1 and their is no point to fix anything.

Ideas like a game in Pula will surely keep coming. Maybe Milan wants to play an outdoor game of their own in Italy next year and ask Medvescak to play them. The attendance will only grow with success and marketing which bothhave been extremely high.

Soon the team will enter the KHL... gain more investors. They will probably start off on the bottom but after a year or two start seeing a more competitive playing field. Hopefully soon they open up a better Pro Shop for fans and a better way for their international fans to watch games. There are hundreds of people here in NY who would love to watch the games if capable.

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