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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I am in talks with Sport TV these days, so I know what I am talking about ... It is not problem of KHL or SportTV that NO SLOVAK BASED TV was not interesting in KHL or offered worse conditions to KHL (money or tv crew at home games of Slovan/Lev) than SportTV. KHL wanted a tv partner in central Europe who is able to make tv signal from home games of Slovan/Lev. And SportTV was there. We could consider NovaSport as well, the only rival of SportTV. I can not see any sport tv in Slovakia(Czech rep).
my provider (Digi TV) doesnt offer Sport 2 but I dont want to change provider. Other than no KHL (an no football NT, as they offer no TV Dajto) Iīm happy with my provider - Digi TV gives a lot of EPL/Serie A, Eurosport 2 offers Bundesliga, Sport 1 offer Lev + occasionally Slovan, only Nova Sport + Eurosport 1 suck. Plus my kids are happy with their cartoon channels. Do I have any guarantee that the new provider will offer KHL next year ? No, I dont.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I see that Sport TV, especially channel 2, is not easy to get to your tv (extra fee, not cheap, not in providerīs list of channels). On the other hand, if you want to enjoy hockey, you have to invest (as fan). Look at NHL, american/canadians tv. Are they for free?? Fans pay for NHL games and have no problem. IMO some slovaks have feeling that they get everything for free...

You are great example of a guy who invest (and invent the way) into Slovan games via KHL website. You dont have to "follow Slovan games through cr*ppy Russian online streams" Why dont all/majority fans act like you? IMO they have no idea how it works (slovak media dont write about it, only webhokej24), OR dont want to invest money. Nowadays you have nothing for free. You know it, others dont??

One slovak website offers Slovanīs games (dont know if home and away or only home) for small fee. Fans have option, dont have to follow russian streams.
which website offers Slovan ? Hereīs first time I hear about it.

Where do you have from that Slovak fans arent willing to pay ? Because itīs bs. I dont wonder you are of this oppinion, as you are in touch with slovak TV people who do sports - they all are deluded idiots. Not so far ago (4-5 years) sports ppl from STV werent willing to pay for a game rights for MSK Zilina x Slavia CL qualifier. Instead of making an proposal to Zilina they even demanded payment from Zilina for doing a transmission, they wanted to get 100k Skk (3300 Eur) because acc.their then logics, Zilina should pay if they want to increase their fanbase or something like that

I f.e. pay monthly 9,60 (Digi TV) + 4,64 (concessioanry fees - public TVs) which isnt much but also aint no peanuts either. And am not willing to change provider because of no KHL, because I dont want to risk losing channels I like. Itīs all question of market, and market in Slovakia sucks as tV provders are offering **** packages.

Investing more ? Already now I have two disgusting sat dishes hanging on my house, had someone fitted 3rd one on my wall I wouldnt survive it.

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