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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
The Leafs, Sens and Habs are not competing with each other in terms of TV contracts and whatnot due to blackouts. You have a hard time catching Leafs games if the Sens are playing at the same time in the Ottawa area, and visa versa. This even applies to online packages like Center Ice (not sure about Hockey Streams). The only exception would be the coverage outside of the GTA and the Ottawa area, and even if the Leafs games get blacked out in favor of the Sens games in those areas (very unlikely), it's not a huge loss in percentage compared to GTA's population.
THat really just supports Durkin's point. All you're saying is that the viewer is rail-roaded into watching the team with the area's broadcast rights, rather than the Leafs as they would have in past years, regardless of the fan's own ambitions.

If true (and I'm not so sure it is), I believe it's more the reason of the multiple lockouts in the last decade or so, than anything else. The overall lowered quality of average talent around the league with all the expansion teams (to places where hockey doesn't belong) is also partially to blame for this. Ditch 5-6 teams (that hardly anyone cares about), get rid of 100+ scrubs from the league, and the overall level of play would increase dramatically.
The average quality of players in the NHL is massively higher than it has ever been. It is because the gap between the worst players in the NHL and the best players in the NHL has shortened so much (due to the increased quality overall of players) that the NHL doesn't seem as exciting, nor do star players seem "as good" as the superstars of old.

If you put Sidney Crosby on the same ice as Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky, he'd be unstoppable. Those superstars wouldn't compare nowadays. If fans want to see "exciting hockey" again, it really is a commendation for further team expansion, not a decrease in teams. That would only serve to further shorten the gap between the hyper-elite players and the worst players.

For analogy, imagine holding a bowling ball above your head. Gravity is trying to force that bowling ball down. With your arms, you're creating an equal force that keeps the bowling ball from doing anything exciting, other than just sit there.

Of course, once you let the ball go, the gap between the force pushing down, and the force pushing up, increases dramatically, and we all get to enjoy a bowling ball hit your head.

In the NHL, Sidney Crosby is the Gravity, and your arms represent the average quality of the rest of the players. The stronger your arms, the less that bowling ball will move. The weaker they are, the more likely that ball will drop.

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