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11-23-2012, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by kmart View Post
thats what i am going to do if i buy this game... may i ask if a level is even doable without disguise... i will not change my suit for anybody

or will a mission fail like in ac when they catch you sneaking around or killing some people ? if yes i do not want this game
Missions never fail if you are caught. You can either run away and hide and wait until they stop looking or just shoot everyone up. If an enemy spots you and you kill him before everyone else figures it out you lose some points for being spotted, but you still continue going unnoticed for everyone else. Same goes if you are in a disguise. Your disguise still works if you kill everyone who saw you. I think there's only one mission where the target runs away if you start shooting up everyone and don't get him in time. Every mission should be able to be done with just the suit and sneaking around, but it's probably very very difficult. There are achievements for not being seen and using only the suit. Plus I don't think you can get the "silent assassin" rating without going in without killing one enemy, then killing the target, and getting out all undetected.

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