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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
my provider (Digi TV) doesnt offer Sport 2 but I dont want to change provider. Other than no KHL (an no football NT, as they offer no TV Dajto) Iīm happy with my provider - Digi TV gives a lot of EPL/Serie A, Eurosport 2 offers Bundesliga, Sport 1 offer Lev + occasionally Slovan, only Nova Sport + Eurosport 1 suck. Plus my kids are happy with their cartoon channels. Do I have any guarantee that the new provider will offer KHL next year ? No, I dont.
Ok, that is your problem, not problem SportTV or KHL. You have priorities (cartoons etc), dont want to change provider .. can not help you.

which website offers Slovan ? Hereīs first time I hear about it.

Where do you have from that Slovak fans arent willing to pay ? Because itīs bs. I dont wonder you are of this oppinion, as you are in touch with slovak TV people who do sports - they all are deluded idiots. Not so far ago (4-5 years) sports ppl from STV werent willing to pay for a game rights for MSK Zilina x Slavia CL qualifier. Instead of making an proposal to Zilina they even demanded payment from Zilina for doing a transmission, they wanted to get 100k Skk (3300 Eur) because acc.their then logics, Zilina should pay if they want to increase their fanbase or something like that

I f.e. pay monthly 9,60 (Digi TV) + 4,64 (concessioanry fees - public TVs) which isnt much but also aint no peanuts either. And am not willing to change provider because of no KHL, because I dont want to risk losing channels I like. Itīs all question of market, and market in Slovakia sucks as tV provders are offering **** packages.

Investing more ? Already now I have two disgusting sat dishes hanging on my house, had someone fitted 3rd one on my wall I wouldnt survive it.
huste to answer your 1st Q.

Why insulting?? Yes, I have the opinion that many Slovaks dont want to pay for extra channels. If they wanted, there would be no complaints about Sport 2. Yes, I agree that providers dont have the best packages .. but one more time, not problem of SportTV or KHL, it is problem of slovak tv market.

I am not speaking about STV

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