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11-23-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by #57 View Post
I disagree that this 14 years old kid skates just as fast as Hagelin but to be honest I kinda agree with the fact that a number of juniors/minor pro guys are just as fast as NHL guys.

The difference IMO is the quicknest at which the NHL players make plays and their acceleration. They completely blow away the minor leagues for execution, that's for sure.

But I wouldn't put it past a couple of our fastest junior players to beat some NHLers in straight races.

Even for shooting/passing, I mean, how many times have we seen younger players come into their first couple of games and score top shelf on NHL goaltenders? It happens. It's not out of the realm of possibilities to say that some junior players have better skill level than a bunch of NHL guys.

Hagelin came out of the NCAA and was already one of the fastest skater in the NHL
But there is a massive difference in development between a drafted, elite junior 18+yr old who makes the NHL out of camp and a 14 years old who isn't in major junior yet.

The ''younger players'' who make their mark early in the NHL are already adults. Hagelin was 23 when he made the NHL, his body was fully developed then.

Originally Posted by Ace14
I don't think you can say there are NO 14 year olds in the world with NHL skating. Hell, Phil Kessel started getting a lot of attention around that age because of his incredible speed and shot.
This is true but these would be very rare exceptions and even then, while these exceptionally quick youth might compare to average skating NHLers they would never come close to the top skaters.

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