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11-23-2012, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by the fife flyer View Post
You are so blind you cannot see. HMRC documents leaked to celtc bloggers, set up to discredit and destroy Rangers. The stripping of titles driven by one club for one clubs benefit. Regan headhunted by Dr Death, the then Celtc chairmans son. The use of Celtcs lawyers Harper McLeod to handle the inquiry (massive clash of interest). The constant allowing of Celtc fans to call in on radio phone-ins to slander and libel Rangers with no reply from Rangers fans. Phil McGobblegiver gets Alex Thomson from Chanel 4 news to be his patsy, and what a fool they`ve made of themselves haha. The facts are there if you would only open your eyes. All driven by the celtc cabal.
Their turn is coming. Tick-tock.

Paranoid much?

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