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11-23-2012, 10:47 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Read McKenzie before you play out scenarios beyond court rooms and mediation tables. This forces the legal process along. We will never see a non CBA era hockey game. Its not worth the worry or irritation because its not happening.
I did read McKenzie. Just because it worked in the NBA doesn't mean it works here. As you yourself have pointed out multiple times, the parallels aren't exact. When it comes to decertifying some of these differences go against the players:
- The imbalance between weak teams and strong teams is much greater in the NHL.
- There are many more teams that are flat-out unprofitable in their core sports operations.
- The hawks run the league, whereas in the NBA the moderates have a much greater voice.
- There are a whole lot more players outside the superstar rung who would a) have a lot more trouble surviving the long hiatus and b) would likely fair much, much worse under a true free market system.
- The NHL has guys like Jacobs, who will have a profitable team no matter what happens and who I believe would have no problem playing this **** out to the death.

Personally, I think we're making progress. As I posted yesterday, I think you see them re-engage via back channels over the weekend, the league conveys the message that the players need to drop their ridiculous floor clause and make the back-diving fix something that actually, you know, WORKS during the actual term of the contract... and then there is more movement to be had from the league on the contracting issues.

My only concern is that guys like Fehr and Bettman along with the Jacobses and Rupps on either side have their own egos too intertwined with "winning" and have their emotions at too high a level. It's so obvious where they need to go - which is where they've needed to go all along - that only the personal stuff can really muck it up now. They need to just stop with the unmitigated outrage that appears from either side each time a proposal is made and the other doesn't simply accept it verbatim.

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