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11-23-2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by etr102 View Post
I actually just noticed this fact. The Bulldogs have been pulling in 8-10 Thousand a game this year. I wonder what the cause of the sudden attendance increase is? NHL strike possibly?
That is probably what it is, also the whole AHL point I think is slightly irrelevant because we are talking to different leagues. Also the other point is that Hamilton has proved that it is not the best market for an OHL team. Look at Missy, I know they are about 45 minutes away or so but they had a game where the attendance was around 3000 and fans are saying that will be the biggest crowd of the year. Erie's record is much worse and they had over 3,100 last night. If the product on the ice is a winning team Erie would be top 6 attendance.

And even if the money is paid for them to move the league still has to approve the move. I do not know if one person can shell that kind of money to convince the league to move a team that has a strong fan base and brand new arena for next season.

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