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11-23-2012, 12:00 PM
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I agree with the last poster, but I still think it's possible to have the speed to beat some NHL players in a straight line when you're 15 or so. Not the leg strength or endurance to keep it up throughout an entire game, against 200lb men, grinding in the corners and constantly stopping and starting, but the simple straight line speed? Sure. But these kids are children who have exceptional skating skill, not some bender who doesn't even play competitively like the kid in the OPs original video. Kids who are getting drafted into the CHL or scouted for college might have good enough edge work and technique to be fast enough to compare to the average NHLer in straight line speed (again, endurance, strength, explosiveness are all different stories - as is being able to stay fast as you bulk up; fast at 140lbs and fast at 200lbs are a ways apart). Kids who play in beer league and don't even look comfortable on their edges simply don't have a shot, no matter how fast you might think they look in your hand-filmed, homemade speed course.

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