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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Right, and why is that? Remember when Gainey refused to give out big deals or overpay players? He was destroyed by the media and fans for ''not being capable of bringing in top players''.
No he wasn't. He was adored for being a fair negotiator right up until he ****ed everything up by gifting said giant contracts. Gomez, Spacek, Cammy and fkn Gionta. Wow what a haul Bob!

It always just takes one guy to get the ball rolling. After that, you have agents working hard to match that.

The players took full advantage of the situation. Lots of players decided to test the market. The league didn't foresee this happening when they signed the last CBA. Heck, even the players thought they got screwed. Turns out they got a lot more than they thought.
NHL eventually realized this was a problem, so they're addressing it now.
Who cares if the owners are part of why it happened. Pointing fingers doesn't fix the problem.
It's called a market, I don't know how you can blame the players for signing contracts that owners willingly gave out. There's a salary cap, not every player can and will get overpaid. But when players like Skinner are getting 5m+ and everyone on HFBoards applauds it... it makes you wonder - maybe people on HFBoards don't have a clue about anything? Hmm.

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