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11-23-2012, 02:00 PM
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Truth is it's not the fault of the Players or the Owners. The salary cap created an artificial market and whether the owners/players like it or not to stay competitive they had to work within those guidelines and play with the rules to outbid other teams (hence these crazy long term contracts). The problem is really that when they set the salary cap in 2004 they didn't account for this much of an increase in revenues to big market teams. The players have won out big time because of this but they still see it as they lost out after the last lockout and like they have to fight for their rights which is bull.

The problem is also that the NHL didn't consider that revenues would increase in big market teams and still operate at a loss in smaller markets only now these small markets are forced to pay a minimum salary cap even if they can't afford it so it's digging them even further into the red.

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