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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... its crazy. I sometimes checkout goalie equipment in sporting goods stores, having not played myself since the early 70's just to see whats what. For starters, good luck finding a straight bladed goalie stick. Oh sure sure I get it that they have slight curves in order to aid & ease shooting, but tell ya what, that right there is a liability in STOPPING the puck, you know, like your main job in playing the position properly. If you stop a spinning rotating puck with your stick flush to the ice, tilted forward a bit if straight on in order to deaden the rebound, or angled to redirect the shot into a corner, if it hits the curve part, well, that puck will wind up just about anywhere....

and ya, the catchers today are not built for speed, the quick grab, massively oversized pockets & cuffs is akin to wearing a full wrist & hand cast wrapped to the knuckles. Theres no "feel" to them. Nothing organic. And thats a shame. Anyone who's ever played baseball or even just catch using a glove appreciates the joy in catching a ball properly. Sure occasionally it'll "sting" if you get nailed with a hard one right on the palm or if it clips your baby finger or whatever but so what? Grin n' bear it. Ive caught pucks that have torn the glove right off of my hand sending it over the glass and into the stands. Pretty hilarious really. Stupid shooter fell for the old open palm arm extended "dare ya" trick, and I never even saw the puck in flight after it left the brainiacs stick. Didnt even have to move my arm or hand. Shouldve kept a supply of Kewpie Dolls on top of the net to give out as prizes for hitting the target, my open mitt. Total suckers. Yet this too, with the over compensation has become a lost art; the glove save.

I mean honestly.... why would you do that to equipment? Remember as a kid that new leather glove, new car type smell, breaking it in "just so", seriously looking after it (or not), making it your own? Theyve taken all the fun away...
Oh man, you are just pushing all my buttons with these "old goalie" posts.

First, the curved stick. Yes, it does affect rebounds and the like and it reflects a certain laziness in approach to mastering the position. I treated goaltending as a craft that had to be learned and mastered and part of that was practicing clearing and shooting the puck; just as important as stopping the puck! Shooting the puck with two hands as well as one-handed sweeping and poking of the puck to knock it to the corner or away from a defender. And shooting of the puck involved being able to lift it in the air over an opponent's stick. All of that can be done with a straight bladed stick and it's not worth the extra "edge" you think you get with a curved stick when you consider the crazy rebound possibilities.

Gloves: I don't see how goalies today actually "catch" the puck with those big flapdoodles that don't feel "organic" as you said.

Leather pads: I was forever oiling my leg pads, blocker and catching glove with neats foot oil to keep them supple and from drying out and cracking. Those were my weapons of war and I spent time making sure all of my equipment was in top shape!

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