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11-23-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
All of this decertification talk is just further proof that the players don't give two ***** about the fans where hockey actually MATTERS. It's all about the lifestyle.

The Edmonton's and the Ottawa's are going to get buried by the New York's and the Los Angeles's again... and that's the way the players like it.
What I don't understand is the motivation of the bulk of the players who are not superstars.In all the of the scenarios pursued by this present PA leadership, they lose and lose big.

Under decertification or a no cap league, the big stars will be paid big, the rest will lose their bargaining power and teams will fold leaving less jobs for the players over all.

They seem to be marching lock step like lambs to the slaughter though,I guess they just need to be riled up to lose sight of their own best interest
Even the twisting and shouting about make whole was all about the big guys.

This sounds like a pretty weird union to me.

By the way some union people called in to Team 1200 to say that during any long work stoppage a union will call for internal votes just to make sure that the leaders are on side with the rank and file, and that it is odd that there have been no votes as yet in this work stoppage.

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