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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
For players, you can sort of categorize various players based on their general comments to the media regarding the proposals (not talking about their thoughts on Bettman)

Hardliners, run thru a wall for Fehr - Cole, Crosby, Gorges
Moderate I, pro-PA but playing is equally important - Schnieder, Bieksa
Moderate II, pro-PA but playing likely more important - BizNasty
Just want to play, indifferent to the process -
Just want to play, Discontent with the PA - Hamrlik

700 players... you are going to see your full range...

If i were to guess
100 Hardliners, 100 Discontents
100 Moderate I's, 200 Moderate II's
200 Indifferent - This would likely be many of the very young bubble guys that have only been in the league a couple yrs or rookies - too busy developing their craft for when the game resumes.. or other players playing elsewhere, focused on other things, etc... These guys MIGHT check their PA app every once in awhile.. but otherwise are like - let me know when its it done.

I'm sure many can probably accurately place certain players in certain categories based on their comments...

Go ahead list others if you heard em..
Michal Neuvirth backed Hamerlik. Toews is a hardliner

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