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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
Anyone who calls Israel Nazis is either intellectually dishonest or just trolling to get a rise out of people at this point. They are nothing alike.
Intellectually dishonest? Who in this thread called Israel Nazi's?

What people need to acknowledge is that "genocidal" behavior toward "inferior races" cuts across political, social, and historical boundaries. What does the American extermination of the Native Americans have to do with the Ottoman extermination of the Armenians have to do with the Germans extermination of the Jews? Here is a democracy, a totalitarian state, and a feudal monarchy all similarly engaged in genocide. But does that make them all the same?

But the genocidal intent -- the desire to liquidate the "inferior race" occupying choice real estate -- that intention is quite real and does manage to link these disparate episodes (and peoples, both perpetrators and victims) of genocide in a fundamental way.

Personally I find this conversation fascinating and worthy of serious thought bereft of insults and argumentative straw men.

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